Isfreetorrent Vango Lightweight Unisex Outdoor Backpack available in Purple - 15 Litres:Isfreetorrent
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Vango Lightweight Unisex Outdoor Backpack available in Purple - 15 Litres:Isfreetorrent

Vango Published in October 19, 2018, 5:34 am
 Vango Lightweight  Unisex Outdoor  Backpack available in Purple - 15 Litres:Isfreetorrent

Vango Lightweight Unisex Outdoor Backpack available in Purple - 15 Litres:Isfreetorrent

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P. Sweeting
P. Sweeting Reply to on 2 July 2017
This is just perfect, took it away to a festival and it worked well, carried my supplies from the supermarket and then it folded away into its pocket so nice and easy to carry in hand luggage on the plane, washed well also, essential piece of kit for travelling and also casual shopping. As long as you do not put lots of weight in it as it is not designed to carry really heavy items. Will probably buy another.
Donald Reply to on 29 February 2016
This bag did me well for several trips abroad.It can fold down very small into another bag and be used as and when. It's very light and durable. The downsides are it's a bit uncomfortable to wear as it's so thin, anything in it will jab into your back. It can hold a lot though. It's not waterproof (I know it doesn't claim to be) so watch out in the rain as anything inside will get pretty soaked. It's great for taking on a daytrip, but as a main cabin baggage item or for holding a laptop etc, it's a bit limited.
Nick.K Reply to on 27 July 2016
Strong and light - I wanted this as a supplement to handluggage only trips - i.e. day/flight pack very good for both...The perfect bag for this would also be waterproof and with a zipped secure pocket inside for valuables....I would prefer a seperatezipped pocket inside to the one that is outside on this bag.... So until someone comes up with my perfect lightweight packable rucksack spec this is a good meantime.
pmantz Reply to on 18 July 2017
this is the second time I'm buying this and for good reason, as my family "stole" the first one for my brother last summer. really compact, this the most lightweight rucksack I was able to find in Amazon over the last year and it can also can be folded into itself. would be great to have some alternative color though
Solidbond67 Reply to on 18 August 2016
this was bought as an extra when we travelled on Ryan Air, to use as an extra bag if we wanted to go out for the day. It packs up really small and can hang from a belt until it's needed. It's ideal to put a few bits and pieces in such as bottles of water, a compact camera and other small day stuff. I wouldn't like to put to many heavy things in it though, but it's not designed for that!!

A very useful holiday or travelling item
M. Beers
M. Beers Reply to on 27 December 2016
Excellent fold away rucksack. Can carry quite a lot when stuffed full and didn't break. Only downside which could be improved is that it's not waterproof which I found out one disasterous day
HF Reply to on 13 February 2016
This is a great packable rucksack.

Folded up, it's small enough to carry in your back pocket, while when expanded it's large enough to a full day's worth of supplies. It's sufficiently strong - I've been able to fill it with bottles of water without and visible signs of damage. Considering its size, it's super comfortable, with padding in all the places that are necessary. It's also really easy to pack away once you're done using it.
tidd Reply to on 6 October 2017
this is a handy size for the gym , comfortable to carry the odd shopping items when the shopping bags are full . pleased with this purchase .
Crusty Reply to on 15 April 2017
The backpack fits comfortably and is perfect for going into town, to the gym, or short tourist visits, Double stitching and very strong lightweight fabric.
Seal Reply to on 15 August 2016
A lovely colour ( the picture is accurate) and it is a perfect size for a daily use bag with a pocket in a convenient place so it is nicely designed. This flat packs well but the fabric is not too thin like others made to pack down so this keeps the shape and is smart.
It looses a star because the strap buckles rub on my arms but otherwise I am pleased and I have had admiring comments.
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