Isfreetorrent Russell Hobbs Colour Plus 2-Slice Toaster 23334 - Cream:Isfreetorrent
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Russell Hobbs Colour Plus 2-Slice Toaster 23334 - Cream:Isfreetorrent

Russell Hobbs
Russell Hobbs Published in October 19, 2018, 4:17 am
 Russell Hobbs Colour Plus 2-Slice Toaster 23334 - Cream:Isfreetorrent

Russell Hobbs Colour Plus 2-Slice Toaster 23334 - Cream:Isfreetorrent

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Mike Nelson
Mike Nelson Reply to on 19 August 2016
This toaster has slots big enough to take a standard UK thick sliced bread with ease.

Yes, it is 50% faster than my old one but it also uses 50%+ more electricity so it saves time but not electric energy.
My old one uses 1060watts and takes 2m38s. This one for about the same browning uses 1690watts but takes 1m34s

I checked the energy usage with a Energenie Power Meter

I also found the toast seems to get "cooked" more at the bottom on all four sides (see my photo).

One feature along with speed and reminds me of more classic / up market toasters is that the lift lever can be used during operation to see how the toast is doing without interrupting the timing cycle. You can then just press the stop button to turn the toaster off and eject the bread.

The mains lead is just over 2ft / 62cm in length.

Make sure you remove all the packing and sticky tape before use.
Happy Reply to on 9 January 2017
The toaster arrived on the date specified, it was true to its description in appearance - very pleasing.

We had to test it a couple of times so it burnt off dust we believe from storage, initially the smell we unpleasant but soon faded.

Once the toaster was ready for regular use we used Hovis bread and gave it a shot. Unsure of which setting to choose we choose '3' as this seems tone the average setting.

The toast was phylum toasted to a golden brown although I did notice the very bottom didn't appear touched.

After the third use,the toaster was fine but I would suggest 3 and not to toast the same slice again or it could be charcoal.

If toasting waffles use the first setting, toasting baguals I would suggest 3 and bread.

The toaster has wide slots that can accommodate almost all breads, it would seem from.

This is now the second week and the toaster has a mind of hoping that now b mber 3 is darker and occasionally leaves striped toast which admittedly looks cool but may not be what you want.

Despite its faults I do not regret buying this as it works and the delivery and service were excellent.
Bluetit Reply to on 21 April 2017
I bought this one to replace my previous Russell Hobbs toaster which served me well for years, but was looking very tired. Firstly, I thought I would like some change and so I bought the Bosch TAT3A013GB, but returned it immediately as it felt very light, nothing but plasticky and cheap, on top of lacking in 'good looks' and costing more. This Russell Hobbs is an updated version of the one I had before - and what a great update this model is! This toaster continues to make consistently great toasts, but on this model the slots are elongated so a 'tall' slice of bread is to be inserted sideways, instead of in an upright position. The looks surpasses what you would expect from seeing the picture on the web site, and it has the quality feel that is associated only with the most expensive toasters on the market. I am very impressed with this one and totally recommend it.
Tieflyer Reply to on 17 April 2018
I bought this after I'd returned another brsnd of toaster because it wouldn't toast thin sliced bread in one go even at maximum setting. This toaster is much better in that regard but you have to choose the right setting otherwise it will burn the toast. It's very quick making toast and we're getting used to the required setting for each type of bread. A major bonus is that this toaster takes bigger pieces of bread sideways on so the toast is brown all over unlike some toasters where some loaves have to be put in upright so the top sticks out of the toaster. The slots are quite wide so it will take thick bread and probably crumpets as well but I haven't tried them yet. As described it has variable browning control, a cancel button, a frozen bread button and a crumb tray.
Biggles Reply to on 26 April 2017
Fairly compact, ideal for the small kitchens. Although compact the slots are long enough to accommodate different sizes and shapes of bread slices. Toasts evenly and quickly, though the metal edges to the slots get extremely hot in comparison to other toasters, so care needed when retrieving toast. I'd make it 5* if it had the facility to switch off one of th slots and/or a keep warm setting. There is a defrost button but I've not used it so cannot comment on that aspect.
catsfather Reply to on 18 March 2017
Toasts bread. Blurb suggests it toasts faster and it does seem to. Most positive thing is the length of the slots that can take a fair sized piece of bread without having a bit sticking out. I see some reviews suggest it burns bread too easily. I've got it set at just above the 3 marker and the toast comes out a decent colour.
Zukovsky Reply to on 25 July 2017
This toaster has extra long slots so you can toast big slices of bread length-wise. eg toasts Scottish plain without having to turn the bread round to re toast the bit sticking above the heating elements.
Also has a feature to lift and check the toast without interrupting the toast cycle.
Slots are wide enough to toast crumpets.
Simple control knob selects browning control from 1 to 6.
Good power rating so toasts fast.
On the negative side, no bun warmer.
Seabird Reply to on 6 February 2018
What I really like about this toaster is that it has long slots, so you can place the bread lengthways in it and make sure that all the bread goes down into it, in order to get toasted, which you cannot do with many other toasters! (Probably due to some European Commission regulation, I shouldn't wonder...) It also has grips in each slot which can vary in width, allowing you to toast crumpets, teacakes and bagels too, (provided, of course that bagels and teacakes are cut in half and one half is placed in each slot).
Aaron T.
Aaron T. Reply to on 26 April 2018
I expected it to last longer but after a few weeks it already started not to heat on the top of the slices so bottoms are all toasted however the rest is still not. And don't let swipe and look function to get you because believe me you will never use it. How many times you need to check the slices when you are toasting them in 3 minutes anyway. Also it is really hard to arrange the timing cause if I turn it to 4 not toasted, turn to 5 and its burnt. I wish I would get another proper one instead of this.
M. B. Wilson
M. B. Wilson Reply to on 17 March 2018
Has settled down but initially the flimsy internal guide racks didn't close equally around the toast so one side burnt. Also the sides get hot, which was a bit of a shock as I'm used to cool wall models, even when cheaper ones.
Finally when it ejects you get a spark visible inside, around the slider switch. This is more noticeable if you press cancel, so is just the circuit breaking rather than a fault.
Does what it's meant to but not as well as I expected for a mid range model.
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