Isfreetorrent Customer reviews Supadog Burgess Sensitive Hypoallergenic Dog Food Adult British Lamb and Rice 12.5kg:Isfreetorrent
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Customer reviews Supadog Burgess Sensitive Hypoallergenic Dog Food Adult British Lamb and Rice 12.5kg:Isfreetorrent

Supadog Published in September 19, 2018, 2:05 am
Customer reviews Supadog Burgess Sensitive Hypoallergenic Dog Food Adult British Lamb and Rice 12.5kg:Isfreetorrent

Customer reviews Supadog Burgess Sensitive Hypoallergenic Dog Food Adult British Lamb and Rice 12.5kg:Isfreetorrent

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Sadfkr Reply to on 28 May 2017
the dog liked it. but I am forced to wonder at some of the labels claims, it states it contains something to make the stools sweeter smelling, I would refute this as it still smelt like dog sh*t to me, (at this point I would like to say I haven't been going round sniffing dog turds, this observation was made whilst picking them up)
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 17 January 2018
We have seen a really positive change in our French Bulldog since switching to this food. Like many Frenchies, he suffers from allergies and can have reactions to foods quite easily - such as runny stools and sometimes breaking out in hives. We opted to switch his food to a dry, hypoallergenic food having had him eating Lily's Kitchen for almost his whole life.

The main (almost instant) change was in his stools. Almost immediately firmer and smelt much better. His coat became glossier and his general well-being seemed to be 'perked up' somewhat. Secondly, the cost. We were spending close to £160 a month on 2* cans a day (he has a big appetite). We have since gotten through 1 1/2 of the 12.5KG bags since October (about £45 worth) in 3.5 months. It works out around £13 a month - almost £150 a month saving!!!

I now regard us as having him on this food 'long-term' and can confirm that this has been nothing short of a game changer.
Jenevive101 Reply to on 31 October 2016
I have bought this several times and after trying my dogs on other complete dog foods I will stick to this. I have a 6 year old pug and an 18 month old springador. The pug has a sensitive stomach and the springador is a fussy eater. Both wolf this down and seem to love it, they look in fantastic health, they both have glossy coats, so shiny we get comments on how good they look when we're out walking, they both have fantastic clean teeth, have lots of energy but none of the hyperactivity some gods give them and to put it politely their bowel habits are normal! I won't ever try another complete dog food, I can't recommend this highly enough and it's low price is a bonus, we use a bag approximately every three weeks
Mrs K Korda
Mrs K Korda Reply to on 17 December 2017
I brought this as both my labs have skin complaints and was looking for a cheaper product as most of the well know named ones are double the price. The kibble is smaller for the dogs to eat which suits the smaller of the two dogs as she has had teeth complaints which make her mouth sore at times. The food is of good quality and they love it,have been using for a couple of months along side flax oil to keep there coats conditioned as the older of the two suffers more with flaky skin which has been ongoing since she was a pup(she's now 10) so have spent a lot of money on different brands of food,I find this seems to suit her better so am keeping them on it,so much cheaper for the two of them and delivered to the door making things so much easier,definatley would recommend.
Cat Reply to on 17 July 2012
Product arrived very quickly, well packaged and much sooner than expected.

I have used this product before but find it very hard to locate locally, so having it delievered for the same price as shops, meaning no fuel costs or pre-ordering, is ideal.

My 5 year old black labrador has been troubled with skin problems for a long time. He is very itchy, suffers from wet exzcema and allergies with very dry skin. This is the only product i have found that stabilizes his condition and doesnt cost the earth. Since using this food food, his coat has regained it's shine.

An affordable dog food that does what it says on the tin with no hidden nasties in the ingredients. Fast, efficient service. Excellent all round.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 27 August 2015
Bought it in the hope that it could replace Burns which my two hounds, a greyhound and a Galgo eat due to an allergy and a sensitive tummy respectively. I now have 4 hounds and feeding is becoming costly with Burns at £40/44 a bag depending where I buy it for 2 of my pack. Unfortunately despite trying to transfer them over very slowly by replacing old food with new food little by little neither dog could tolerate or get used to the new food as soon as at least a 1/3 of their dinner incorporated the Burgess.
Checked the ingredients and I am at a loss why Burns is superior to the Burgess but sadly for my finances it is.
Sian Reply to on 8 November 2017
Every other food that we have tried has left our saluki cross with runny horrible yellow poo’s and we tried this as a last resort and he’s been having solid poos since the first day, our other collie cross greyhound is so fussy with food and this is the only food she doesn’t turn her nose up at! Highly recommend!
pete & deb
pete & deb Reply to on 13 July 2016
I have had an on-going issue with skin problems and upset stomach of my Great Dane. The vet advised putting him on anti-histimines and changing his food to a hypo-allergenic which I did but still had problems. I read up on the Burgess sensitive range and decided it was worth a go. He has now been on this for 3 weeks and 'touch wood' that all seems to be good. He has not had an upset stomach and I have now taken him off the anti-histime tablets. Although I check his skin rashes every day, I seem to only need to use his steroid spray occasionally whereas it was daily. It is still early days but there is now hope that all his issues will be resolved. - well most of his issues, he is still extremely stubborn when he doesn't want to do something but I guess this food can't work miracles !!!
Pablo S
Pablo S Reply to on 11 August 2016
I have an 18 month Golden Retreiver and he munches this all down and licks the bowl clean. No smelly farts or loose BMs and he's as snappy as ever.

I found the turkey flavour kibble tends to crumble and the last few bowls are pretty much powder, but the Lamb flavour seems to have firmer pellets which don't crumble. I'll probably stick with this flavour from now on.
Tina Reply to on 29 November 2015
So glad we found this food for our border terrier Millie. We had tried all the other well known brands, James wellbeloved, ekunuba, Royal canine. And she would be sick and throw up within an hour of eating them. We thought water guzzling on top of dry food was the culprit, but a friend said try to find something with less wheat in it. So I tried Burgess sensitive as a small bag first, and wow she was not sick once even after guzzling water, so invested in. A large bag and not looked back since. Plus this is a smaller sized kibble than normal.
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