Isfreetorrent Customer reviews Dog Seat Belt, Dog Cat Car Safety Seat Belt Harness Adjustable Leads Harness for Cars Vehicle, 2 Pack:Isfreetorrent
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Customer reviews Dog Seat Belt, Dog Cat Car Safety Seat Belt Harness Adjustable Leads Harness for Cars Vehicle, 2 Pack:Isfreetorrent

Mudder Published in September 19, 2018, 2:03 am
Customer reviews Dog Seat Belt, Dog Cat Car Safety Seat Belt Harness Adjustable Leads Harness for Cars Vehicle, 2 Pack:Isfreetorrent

Customer reviews Dog Seat Belt, Dog Cat Car Safety Seat Belt Harness Adjustable Leads Harness for Cars Vehicle, 2 Pack:Isfreetorrent

Price:£2.99+ Free shipping

Lucyben Reply to on 15 November 2016
These straps were ordered yesterday. Wow, I got them this morning brilliant delivery, thank you.
There are two straps that are very strongly made of seatbelt webbing and adjustable to a very good length.
I have Ancol harnesses with straps that fit into the seatbelt clip as these do, but the Ancol straps are not long einough.
These straps adjust to a proper length and are excellent. My dog is not pressed to the back seat now, but has a fair bit of leeway to look out of the window and make his journey more interesting. I would recommend these straps to any doggy owner, they are excellent.
CJT1943 Reply to on 7 June 2018
We have a 7 month old Cocker Spaniel and we originally kept him in a soft "cage" on the back seat of the car when travelling. This was fine for keeping him under control but he really didn't like being shut in. We bought these seat belts as an alternative and they work just fine. The dog is much happier and settles very quietly on the back seat even on long journeys. The fact that you get two belts in the pack means that we can keep one in each of our cars and we no longer have to move a large soft cage between the two. And all for less than a fiver - great value.
Mrs Lee
Mrs Lee Reply to on 25 September 2017
These came well packaged and arrived quickly.
They are strong, and easy to use, clipping on to the dog’s harness easily and securely.
These are used for our 2 Jack Russells, one is 6kg, one is 9kg and they are very secure when fitted. You can adjust the strap to shorten it so your dog can’t wriggle or slide off the seat.
I feel my dogs can travel safely with these and highly recommend. Thank you!
James Reply to on 12 November 2017
Absolutely brilliant. They are strong, they work and they are extendable. Because of this, you can allow a dog access to the entire rear of the car, or just one seat.

The last thing you want if you were to have a crash is an airborne missile that weighs (at the last trip to the vets) 25kg!
James Reilly
James Reilly Reply to on 24 May 2018
I've never taken a dog out in the car, however I wanted to get my staffy out and about with me. This was my first purchase of this type of gadget for dogs, It's brilliant for what it does, but I think i need something that clamps her down to the seat, I don't want to cage her in the car, I like her to have the freedom.

I get to take my dog out. Bella loves it and this really helps her. The material is strong as well so it can handle her with no problems, the bonus is that it came as 2, so that was a good buy for me. It's easy to use and really does what it says on the box.
CC Reply to on 18 May 2017
so lovely to have ready in the car. The reason I've given it 3 stars is that the buckle is a bit unpredictable and sometimes pops out.
Update - July 2017. The seller contacted me and offered me a second set - I must say the second set has caused me no concern and does not pop out at all. It is so easy to use and lovely to know your dog is secure in the car. I'd recommend buying from this seller as excellent customer service.
blueflinders Reply to on 10 May 2017
Just what we needed to restrain the dogs in the back of the car. I have expensive seat belt adapters but these are far better as they clip straight into the seat belt holder where you would normally plug a seat belt in. I think dogs should be restrained in cars for both their and our safety.
Lozzle Reply to on 24 August 2017
The seat belts are quite short but are perfectly adequate for my mini schnauzers. I do not know how they would be with bigger heavier dogs but they are certainly very useful in the car for my dogs who get car sick if crated. They are able to stand and move about which has helped but at the same time they are secure, so that they do not distract me driving.
Neil P
Neil P Reply to on 26 September 2016
This is a great value for money item. Our puppy has attempted to chew through this with very little success. Excellent for allowing the little on to stick his nose out the window. Great for controlling how far he can go to avoid dust and dirt getting in his eyes while driving. Excellent for stopping him jumping into the front or onto your lap while driving.
Heather Medcalf
Heather Medcalf Reply to on 23 July 2018
I was in a terrible car crash very recently and it was just good fortune that I didn’t have my dogs in the boot as the entire boot was forced into the front of my car. I wanted to buy something to secure my dogs that would keep them safe whilst travelling in the back seat of my new car. Safety is paramount and I’d pay for the peace of mind but sadly, these didn’t fit into the seat belt restraints very well; one kept coming out and the other is almost jammed in. I wish something was on the market that was as secure as safety belts for humans as I’d pay good money to protect my dogs. Sadly, I don’t think these are up to that standard.
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