Isfreetorrent Customer reviews Kitchen Craft 20-Piece Bag Clips, Plastic, Multi-Colour, 9 x 12 x 16 cm:Isfreetorrent
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Customer reviews Kitchen Craft 20-Piece Bag Clips, Plastic, Multi-Colour, 9 x 12 x 16 cm:Isfreetorrent

Kitchen Craft
Kitchen Craft Published in October 19, 2018, 5:01 am
Customer reviews Kitchen Craft 20-Piece Bag Clips, Plastic, Multi-Colour, 9 x 12 x 16 cm:Isfreetorrent

Customer reviews Kitchen Craft 20-Piece Bag Clips, Plastic, Multi-Colour, 9 x 12 x 16 cm:Isfreetorrent

Price:£2.99+ Free shipping (Addon item)

Mr. P Le Page
Mr. P Le Page Reply to on 15 June 2015
We always purchase these brand clips as they are excellent quality and last for years.

We can never seem to have enough of these food clips in our house and after constantly hunting about for them in the kitchen I decided to order a few packs so we always have plenty about. They are used for everything from the normal food clip role to clipping make-shift bibs around children’s necks and everything in between.

Make nice stocking fillers for the more practical gift too and is one of those things you can never really have enough of!
HOWIE Reply to on 13 January 2013
The 5 large ones are fine for most uses but the 15 small ones can barely close a bread cellophane bag or a small bag of crisps. They can't cope with anything bigger than that. For instance, I couldn't use them to close a large crisp bag or even a standard sized bag of sugar or flour.
There are only two sizes, the white and red ones are the same small size, so, in practice, I can only use the 5 large ones. On the positive side, when you can use them the clips are strong and grip well and delivery was fast.
If you have tiny bags to seal the small ones will be fine, otherwise you may be disappointed, like me, that 15 of the clips are of little value.
Chris B
Chris B Reply to on 4 March 2018
Cheap, simple and HIGHLY effective. Very solidly and can seal small bundles of plastic bags or thickly spun bread loaf bags to keep the air static inside.

This is our third set, and I'm sure there will be more - we have Borrowers it seems, and they frequently disappear!
Just your average punter
Just your average punter Reply to on 29 January 2018
Do not buy these, they are poor quality (e.g. snap in two when first opened), don't even close properly, etc. The bag does look fake. The previous set I have (another brand) have lasted for years, but go missing / get given away over time. Wish I had spent more and gone for a better quality product.
Cookie Milton
Cookie Milton Reply to on 8 May 2013
It is strange to class these clips as gadgets, but they do fill a very useful role in any home kitchen or pantry. They come in a range of sizes (5cm and 10cm) and colours and do exactly what you would expect. They are fine to use on bags that go in the freezer.

The clips are not designed for any kind of heavy duty abuse, as you might expect given the price. The 'lip' that comes over to lock the clip has some degree of flex in it, so you cannot afford to be too rough with using these clips. Of greater note is the hinge which is just a thin piece of folded plastic - it has the feel that it might break in the long term. (Then again, how rough can you be when clipping shut a bag?)

I bought the clips in March 2013 for £3.20 which I thought was a reasonable price. The current price of £4.95 is a bit much for my taste. If the price falls below £4, I would increase the rating to four stars.
pootlegirl Reply to on 12 May 2018
Not as sturdy as the ones I've had in the past (which have probably always come from Ikea and lasted years without breaking), my husband has already broken several. However they seem to work fine for me....
S.B Reply to on 18 August 2016
The 5 larger clips are great for most uses and have a strong grip... Just wished there were more. The 15 smaller ones are inadequate unless you have rather small bags that need sealing. I would have preferred if there were 2 equal lots in both sizes.
hamsteruk23 Reply to on 20 February 2016
Very poor quality thin plastic which snaps very easily. I have disposed of these and bought Sealapack which are superb heavy duty clips which do not break.
Mrs. M
Mrs. M Reply to on 10 March 2018
Bought as an add-on item only. Simple item but very useful in different sizes. Hard to find any more to say. Had loads of these in the past but all disappeared - probably accidentally in the waste bin!
T Smith
T Smith Reply to on 14 August 2018
I've bought and recommended these a few times. They're really useful and a really good price. They're surprisingly expensive in my local shops so I always buy them on Amazon.
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