Isfreetorrent Emwel Pet Inflatable Collar for Large Dogs, Comfy Pet Collar Cone for Revecovery, Inflatable Basic Dog Collars, L:Isfreetorrent
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Emwel Pet Inflatable Collar for Large Dogs, Comfy Pet Collar Cone for Revecovery, Inflatable Basic Dog Collars, L:Isfreetorrent

Emwel Published in October 21, 2018, 9:46 am
 Emwel Pet Inflatable Collar for Large Dogs, Comfy Pet Collar Cone for Revecovery, Inflatable Basic Dog Collars, L:Isfreetorrent

Emwel Pet Inflatable Collar for Large Dogs, Comfy Pet Collar Cone for Revecovery, Inflatable Basic Dog Collars, L:Isfreetorrent

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Jay Rainbow
Jay Rainbow Reply to on 3 May 2018
After another attacked our malamute cross in the park (completly unprovoked and seemingly random) she had a few puncture wounds that took a while to heal. She was of course vet checked immediately and on antibiotics ect but as she was able to reach round and lick the small wounds they got a bit raw.

So trusty amazon reviews to the rescue we found a similar buster collar that was more expensive but came up higher on the search, luckily we spotted this one and quickly summised it's the exact same product in the same size and same delivery time frame. It worked a treat and within 48hrs the marks were scabbed and visably reduced in size. She wasn't keen on the collar when on a short walk but hey ho, it did its job and she had no issues sleeping with it on. Once she adjusted to it she quickly compensated for the extra width.

Definitely value for money and I wouldn't hesitate to buy further ones if ever needed for any of our family dogs
Elizabeth Reply to on 23 June 2018
My dog had a bite (we suspect from a cat) on the base of her tail and it got infected so she had to go on antibiotics. I'm guessing that it was very itchy as it healed because she just would not leave it alone and kept licking/nidging at it! I have a traditional cone but I wanted to try this collar so she could eat/drink/play fetch as normal.
Anyway, my first gripe with this collar is that she managed to puncture it within 24 hours of her wearing it. Luckily I had a puncture repair kit from an inflatable bed I have so I managed to repair it.
My second gripe with this product is that she was still able to reach the bite and in the short time it took me to go out, buy my weekly shop and get home, she had managed to reach around and lick the bite red raw! I tried moving it around to see of that made a difference but it didn't. All in all, she was wearing this collar for less than 48 hours before I had to put the traditional cone back on her. What a waste of money!
If your dog has an injury on the front half of their body, this might work, but if they have and injury on the back half of their body, I wouldn't even bother trying this!
DP Reply to on 18 April 2018
Worked well as dog could not cope with a plastic cone
Lurcher was spayed and this was a reasonably priced alternative to the awful cone
As it deflates it is easy to store should there be any need to reuse it
Easy on and off and for a nervous dog she allowed it on and off easily, also did not crash into everything like with a cone
Sarah Mac
Sarah Mac Reply to on 27 July 2018
My rescue dog loves this collar! She was spayed a week ago and did not like the lampshade the vets put on her so I purchased this the same evening. It arrived on Saturday and she was definitely far more comfortable with it on.

Since her operation wound hasn't been bothering her, she only wears it at night and when I'm out now - just in case.

When it comes to bed time, she does her happy dance when she sees the collar - I 'almost' forgot to put it on her one night and she wouldn't settle until she was wearing it :) :)

Definitely 5 stars!
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 26 June 2018
My German Shepherd had surgery and it's really important that he doesn't lick or irritate the wound as he has been on long term steroids for a skin condition. A side effect of steroids is they can slow the rate of healing meaning there is a higher risk of a wound becoming infected. He was given a cone to wear from the vet but he found it very stressful because he was unable to move freely around my home as he was bashing into walls, doors and furniture. He was also unable to drink water while wearing the cone and as he definitely drinks more water since starting the steroids I was very concerned.

The inflatable neck collar has solved all the problems - he doesn't show any signs of stress when I put it on him, he can lay his head down to sleep, he can move around my home without hitting things and most importantly he can access water whenever he needs.
wizwozuk Reply to on 1 August 2017
Well made and sturdy products. Truth told I haven't used the rear rest but it's there if I ever want to. I used rice to fill mine as suggested by previous reviews., works well and will take 5kg to fill both. (Actually 4.5 but I found the rice compressed after a while so topped it up with the leftover half kilo). I'd question the reliability of clipping the two together - there's a bit of weight in them.
A Humphreys
A Humphreys Reply to on 24 June 2018
Very pleased it has a blow up cusion inside and a soft cover. It stops my doggy getting to an operation scar as she is scared of the cones. But the medium is too small for my French Bulldog will return it and ower the large.
EMMA HAWKINS Reply to on 19 July 2018
Sadly this product was of not suitable for what we needed. It worked for about an hour and my dog (standard schnauzer) soon found a way to lick his paws. I would use it again if he had a wound/surgery anywhere else on his body but not legs or paws. Too easy to still reach. Was able to keep it on and comfy to sleep with. Able to drink with it on. Stayed inflated and I like the removable cover to enable washing. Good design and quality.
Mrs K Korda
Mrs K Korda Reply to on 21 August 2018
Brought this for my lab who has recently had ear surgery and found the plastic vet cones very distressing,it fits perfectly and she is a lot happier in she continues to heal and will need to wear a collar for another week so very pleased I found this,would highly recommend.
kay hodge
kay hodge Reply to on 22 August 2018
My rescue dog had a very bad sore on his side when he came to us .We tried cream and kept it clean ,only to watch him lick it all off !!
However wearing this soon gave his wound time to heal .
I must say he even found it excellent as a cushion at night .
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