Isfreetorrent E-Cloth Kitchen Cleaning - 2 cloths:Isfreetorrent
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E-Cloth Kitchen Cleaning - 2 cloths:Isfreetorrent

E-Cloth Published in September 19, 2018, 1:04 am
 E-Cloth Kitchen Cleaning - 2 cloths:Isfreetorrent

E-Cloth Kitchen Cleaning - 2 cloths:Isfreetorrent

Price:£6.98+ Free shipping with Schedulingsoftware Prime

debbie wellington
debbie wellington Reply to on 18 January 2016
e-cloths are the way forward...I'm addicted. All are so different to anything you've ever used. well worth the money. (Don't compare to cheap micro cloths)
I am a full paying customer...not given free for review as so many reviews on here now seem to be!
Mel318 Reply to on 12 June 2017
Friend recommended e cloths to me and wasn't sure if they were as good as suggested and thought them expensive for what they were. But true to description did as promised in description. Very happy with my purchase.
Pen Name
Pen Name Reply to on 21 November 2017
I was initially dubious of these! They seemed expensive for just clothe but these have been life changing. I genuinely don’t understand how they can do so much with just the cloth and water! Areas of my kitchen I have failed to get clean with big brand and big £ cleaners and resigned to just having to live with clean in no time! So good I almost don’t trust them.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 25 April 2017
Another fabulous E-cloth pack - I'm a total convert to E-clothes and can't recommend enough. They make light work of the housework and leave a fabulous finish. All clothes aren't the same - these are 10 out of 10!
Helen Maidenhead.
Helen Maidenhead. Reply to on 4 January 2018
These aren’t as good as they used to be, the green cloth especially doesn’t seem as absorbent. The blue cloth is still fab for glass and stainless steel.
Kindle Customer
Kindle Customer Reply to on 20 January 2016
I had read glowing reviews of this cloth and I must admit I was a bit sceptical! However I am now the proud owner of one and find it actually does what it says! I have used it on my brushed stainless steel sink, and it has come up very clean and shiny.
Patents Pending
Patents Pending Reply to on 29 December 2016
Excellent. Better than the cheaper copies.
I use the cloths on granite worktop with water only. Just a damp cloth to rub grease and dirt off and then finish with polishing cloth. The additional abrasive corner section on the cloth is useful too for stubborn marks.

Would recommend for granite worktops.
S.colls Reply to on 3 September 2018
I have the worst worktops that when you wipe leave a horrible smears/water marks. I love these cloths. Once I have cleaned I can use the cloth to buff the worktop and it looks amazing.
louise Reply to on 28 March 2018
Changed my life for the better! No more smeary mirrors or windows! Works wonders on the oven and fingerprints on dishwasher! Never have I ever known a product to be such a breeze when working with just water! Recommend!
Subohm Reply to on 17 August 2017
Does a good job in the kitchen
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