Isfreetorrent Beta PURINA Adult Dry Dog Food Lamb, 14 kg:Isfreetorrent
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Beta PURINA Adult Dry Dog Food Lamb, 14 kg:Isfreetorrent

Beta Published in September 19, 2018, 1:00 am
 Beta PURINA Adult Dry Dog Food Lamb, 14 kg:Isfreetorrent

Beta PURINA Adult Dry Dog Food Lamb, 14 kg:Isfreetorrent

Price:£21.98 - £64.13

Milky Reply to on 5 December 2017
I have bought quite a few of this product (different varieties) . I thought it was ok until I read about all the grain and wheat used in It (as many other brands) to bulk out the product. I have now done my research (as I should have done on purchasing my pup, but I thought it best at the time to carry on with what the breeder was feeding my girl on) .
I now buy a quality dog food (James Wellbeloved), more expensive, of course but definitely worth it. She is happier, fitter, her teeth are much cleaner and I feel I am feeding her one of the best dog food kibble on the market.
Paul Tasker
Paul Tasker Reply to on 21 June 2017
Dogs on this for 2 weeks. If you want sloppy hard to pick up poos and the toilet smelling the least of the rooms in the house then pick this. The gas produced from this stuff is horrific. I'd recommend lifelong which produces good stools with little smell. The dogs aren't gassy with that either.
Mr. M.Jones
Mr. M.Jones Reply to on 12 December 2016
I spoke to my two dogs and they say its great, makes garden pick ups easy too so must be easy on the digestion. best price too online with amazon
R N.
R N. Reply to on 30 July 2018
Dog food is great, no complaint there.

Packaging even after having complained previously and having it written on my orders (allegedly) was ridiculous, it half fills a wheelie bin and makes it really difficult to handle.

I’d complain again but apparently Amazon UK don’t care, their customer services weren’t that interested.

Well done for looking after the environment Amazon.
DOGWALKER1 Reply to on 16 May 2017
My 3 Border Collies all like this food. I prefer to soak all dried dog food as it is amazing how much it swells. My dogs will eat it dry, it is just my preference to soften it.
JayneW Reply to on 1 March 2018
My parcel arrived promptly after ordering. My dog loves the lamb flavour and it is very gentle
on her stomach now that she is reaching old age. No more stomach upsets.
karen Edinburgh
karen Edinburgh Reply to on 23 April 2018
Arrived 2 days early which saved me buying from the High Street--well done
Dog loves this product and does really well on it--active 15mon Labrador
Amy Reply to on 1 August 2018
Great food my two huskies were very happy on it will definitely buy again.
James McGreal
James McGreal Reply to on 16 May 2018
Arrived before our ten day lodger (wuf! wuf!). With waging tail it was a welcoming sight.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 13 July 2016
I have fed my 8yr old Border Terries on this since they were pups and they won't eat anything else. Good sized chunks and I think it has helped with keeping the plaque from their teeth. I get this delivered every two months and it feeds two small dogs adequately.
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