Isfreetorrent Contech Enterprises Inc. Zendog Anxiety Shirt/Calming Vest S:Isfreetorrent
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Contech Enterprises Inc. Zendog Anxiety Shirt/Calming Vest S:Isfreetorrent

Contech Enterprises Inc.
Contech Enterprises Inc. Published in October 19, 2018, 12:22 pm
 Contech Enterprises Inc. Zendog Anxiety Shirt/Calming Vest S:Isfreetorrent

Contech Enterprises Inc. Zendog Anxiety Shirt/Calming Vest S:Isfreetorrent

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Moonstar Reply to on 18 October 2017
This is the best money I have spent in a long time, My dog is so nervous and is scared of all noises and being on his own without me.
I got this in desperation that he would not take the door off while I was out.
He is like a different dog since having the jacket on, he loves it.
The big test will be when the fire works start.... I hope it helps the poor little fella he hates them.
Wonderful little jacket washes lovely, hang up to dry at night and dry by the morning.
I will be adding more later in the year, to see how it stands up to the fire works.
Tracy Carter
Tracy Carter Reply to on 23 May 2018
This worked a treat once on - but it’s a real struggle to get it on as front paws have to be squeezed through head hole! I’ve adapted it - cut the tummy area and added extra Velcro. Much easier to get on without causing distress / broken legs to puppy! It still works well. Design needs looking at in my opinion. Company should give me a call - my design is much better! 😂
Lorraine Reply to on 30 July 2017
I had measured my dog and ordered a large according to the size guidelines, however it was way to small, the poor dog could bare stand init. However I ordered a XL which I have put on (which was so much easier to put on than the large) he seems happy and comfortable. It is slightly loose around his neck and the his bottom. I put the two bits of card that was supplied and sprayed it with the calming spray. My dog has seemed happy and just layed in his bed. We brought this for seperation anxiety so we havnt been able to put that too the test. My dog is a a year and half old stffie X.
Breianne Reply to on 30 May 2018
Purchased size according to their chart sizing. The item didn't go anywhere near my dog size wise - it was far too small. Returned. Get the bigger size up - as in our experience we found - dont follow the chart.
Coryfay91 Reply to on 23 January 2018
First of all its just a stretchy dog assuming it was a magical dog hugger lol watever nevermind..also the "calming spray" its just lavender yeah dog with a tshirt on that smells of lavender and is still nervous as anything
Nickchick Reply to on 5 November 2017
Had difficulty getting it on my puppy and is a bit too large around the neck area, but she is s puppy, so gas time to grow yet. Some of the velcro is coming away, although easily fixed. Over all, good product, once ive sorted the issues mentioned.
Christine S
Christine S Reply to on 22 August 2017
This was disappointing. Very difficult to put on the dog. Would not recommend this
annabel everett
annabel everett Reply to on 28 June 2017
Wonderful product. I have a chilled out dog. Thank you
Angela McFadden
Angela McFadden Reply to on 6 September 2017
Can't praise this item enough. My dog has had really bad anxiety but this coat has been a great help for her. Thank you!
claire Reply to on 24 October 2015
didnt really help stop the barking but nice warm coat
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