Isfreetorrent Customer reviews Country Classics Balmoral LS Check Mens Shirt - Balmoral-Yellow - 2XL:Isfreetorrent
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Customer reviews Country Classics Balmoral LS Check Mens Shirt - Balmoral-Yellow - 2XL:Isfreetorrent

Country Classics
Country Classics Published in October 19, 2018, 11:57 am
Customer reviews Country Classics Balmoral LS Check Mens Shirt - Balmoral-Yellow - 2XL:Isfreetorrent

Customer reviews Country Classics Balmoral LS Check Mens Shirt - Balmoral-Yellow - 2XL:Isfreetorrent

Price:£16.99+ £2.99 shipping

E. Kelly
E. Kelly Reply to on 29 October 2017
I'm a returning customer for these particular shirts as I like the tailoring of them, They are cut to be worn outside of the trousers but provide sufficient length to be tucked in if required. They are rugged enough to last for years. As for sizing I always find that it is better to go by the neck sizes when it comes to shirts rather than the more random descriptions of S, M, L, XL etc, as those can differ quite unreliably between different brands of clothing. On enlarging the photos in this seller's advert you can deduce from the inside of the collar labels that 'L' is neck size 16-16.5'', 'XL' is neck size 17-17.5'', 'XXL' being 18-18.5 '', and up in the same sizing increments. I'd never want to do the top button up on my casual shirts but you know they'll fit if you buy them by the neck size. I like'em, so out go some of the yuckier shirts in my wardrobe ( unwanted presents ) to be replaced by a similar quantity of these better quality ones.

The Basset
The Basset Reply to on 14 February 2015
Lovely shirt for everyday wear. The quality is good and a generous cut makes this shirt ideal for me.
I bought the large size and I'am a 42 chest and it fits perfectly.
Leon Reply to on 20 February 2015
Seems fine after one wear but a little less warm than I expected - the 'brushed inner surface' isn't very discernible, but a nice shirt that feels like good quality. The large is described as 16-16.5inch collar, but fits well on me and I am about 15.5.
Mike the bike
Mike the bike Reply to on 14 December 2017
It's a nice shirt but I can only give it 2 stars because of the neck size. The label says 17 - 17.5 but realistically it's much bigger. All of my shirts, including the Balmoral (by the same supplier), are 17 - 17.5 and it's no problem to wear a tie with any of them. However, try wearing a tie with this and one sees immediately that the sizing is all wrong. You have to make a choice with this shirt. It'll fit across the chest and shoulders - I'm always a 46 - but if you want to fasten the top button all that'll happen is that the collar will just look loose and therefore ill fitting. It's a real shame as this would look really good with a tie.
John Reply to on 17 October 2017
Country Classics are superb shirts. Wife says they iron easy too. Good colour range. Prompt delivery, well packaged, smart yet casual. Great fit. Totally love them. I have 4 now and will purchase more. Very recommended... ... John.
Maverick Reply to on 17 November 2016
Incredibly good value for money. I have not worn any poly/cotton shirts for about 40 years and was aghast when I saw that this heavyweight was that mix. However, despite being somewhat light - I hang all my shirts from coolest to warmest - this one really lives up to the company's claim. The fit is pleasantly comfortable, it is as warm as my several Tattersalls and looks and feels very good. It looks very smart o its own, with a sweater and with a jacket My only criticism is that I find the collar a trifle larger than I like.
R. Jonckheere
R. Jonckheere Reply to on 5 March 2017
It seems unkind to complain about a low-cost product. However, these shirts are 1 size smaller and the sleeves 2 sizes shorter than any other that I own. I like the patterns. It is rare to find large-size shirts that are not white, black, pink, ice-blue our pretend "outdoors". I'll try once more with a larger size. But I cannot understand why the makers keep on ignoring the numerous comments similar to mine. If they standardized their sizes, they would double their sales.
POACHER Reply to on 13 March 2017
I bought two of these shirts a couple of years ago so was already aware of the quality of this product and would, therefore, highly recommend. My husband is very pleased with them and I think he looks very smart.
I. Butsy
I. Butsy Reply to on 23 June 2018
I have a few of these now and my only gripe is I wish they had more patterns. I'm Mr Average, the large size fits my 45inch chest and broad shoulders really well, hiding the middle age spread at the same time. These shirts are for me.
andrew m toze
andrew m toze Reply to on 11 January 2016
good quality,and heavy.slightly larger fit than normal so a better fit for working,all have had a first wash,and are easy to iron.a better quality than I have had from a few other's.
Looking forward to see how long these last,
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